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Find your dream home, move in now, and build your security deposit over time.
It's free, fast and won't impact your credit score
It's free, fast and won't impact your credit score
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Stop Renting.
Start Owning.
Apply in minutes
Get qualified for a home-shopping budget. It’s free, there’s no commitment, and it doesn’t impact your credit score.
Find your dream home
With your budget in hand, go shopping for your new home—supported by your OwnHome expert every step of the way. OwnHome buys your home and handles settlement.
Move in and make it yours
Make your home yours, safe in the knowledge that with built-in payments, your security deposit will grow over time. And, when you're ready, buy your home outright.
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Without OwnHome, we could never have bought our own home.

Beau and Lance
Moved into their OwnHome in 2021

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I know when I talk to people it seems too good to be true but they actually do what they’re telling you they do.

Courtney and Matt
Moved into their OwnHome in 2021

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The experience was first class. Within 3 weeks we found our forever home!

Karen and Ken
Moved into their OwnHome in 2022

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We’re in our own home now, and had an amazing home buying experience.

Shwe and Vrunda,
Moved into their OwnHome in 2021

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OwnHome helped my wife and I achieve something that we both truly felt was out of our limits.

Dave and Leah
Moved into their OwnHome in 2022

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Home Owner
Get your estimated buying power in 5 minutes. Applying for OwnHome is free, fast and won't affect your credit score.
The average OwnHome customer goes from pre-qualified to home purchased in 28 days.
After 5 years with OwnHome, we estimate that the average customer contributes $125,000 towards their security deposit.
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What makes
We’re making homeownership accessible to everyone.
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We fast-track your future
OwnHome gives you the power to start your homeownership journey now—and build wealth for yourself and your family—without needing piles of cash saved in the bank.
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We create homeowners
Live in your dream home today, and a portion of your fortnightly payments grow into a security deposit over time—so you can buy your home when you're ready (anytime from month 24).
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We handle the tricky parts
When it comes to finding, inspecting and buying your dream home, we'll be right there with you. We make sure your home is in top condition and free of surprises.
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We’re here for you
World-class service isn't a term we use lightly, but that's exactly what you'll get when you get started with OwnHome. Just try and stop us!
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