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We founded OwnHome to make homeownership, and all the power that comes with it, accessible to everyone. We believe home is a starting point for a better future. It’s freedom, and it’s security. It’s a legacy—and a chance to build wealth for everyone who comes after you.
Why Australia
needs OwnHome
Buying a home today is harder than it should be. OwnHome provides a new path to homeownership, supporting hard-working Australians, by allowing them to save for their dream home while they live in it.
Australian home values rose almost 10 times faster than wages in 2021—meaning it's harder to save for a home.
For the median priced home in Australia, it can take well over a decade to save for a 20% deposit + stamp duty.
The average wealth of homeowners is 20x greater vs. renters at 65.
Hello future homeowner,

Our story started while we were supporting our siblings on their path to homeownership. After running the numbers, we realised that it would take them — and millions of other Australians — over ten years to save for a 20% home deposit.

60% of first home buyers in Australia have access to the Bank of Mum and Dad when putting together their deposit. But what about the people, like us and our siblings, who don't have access to intergenerational wealth?

And so we wondered: how could you get into your own home without first saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for a deposit?

We decided to build a new path to homeownership, and we founded OwnHome with the mission of allowing people to save for their dream home while they live in it.

Just a year into our journey, we've been backed by CommBank's X15 and have helped dozens of families start on their path to homeownership—including Tim and his fiancé.

We're building an experienced, hopeful and determined team all working to make home ownership more accessible.

We're glad you're here, and we hope to help.
James & Tim
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We're proud to have the trust and backing of world-leading investors.
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