A rent to own pathway
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It's free, fast, and won't affect your credit score
Don’t have enough for a deposit and stamp duty? We’ve got you covered. OwnHome is a new path to homeownership that means you can live in your dream home now.
Five steps from Rent to Own
Step 1
5 minutes
Apply for free in minutes
Submit your application online, get qualified and get your home shopping budget. It's free, fast, and won't affect your credit score.
Step 2
~ 1 week
Find your dream home
Head to inspections to find your dream home—whether that’s with a new kitchen, a pool or both. You'll get help from a dedicated home buying expert who'll guide you through the buying process, and make sure your dream home is in top condition.
Step 3
~ 1 month
OwnHome buys your home
We handle the negotiation, pay for the home in cash and cover all fees, stamp duty, closing costs and insurance. You make an initial payment of 3% of the selling price with 1% going straight to your security deposit.
Step 4
~ 2 weeks
Move in and grow your security deposit
Get the keys and make it home, safe in the knowledge that with each payment you build up your security deposit with built-in contributions. Simple!
Step 5
~ 10 days
Buy back your home
Buy your home for a guaranteed, pre-set purchase price when the time is right. OwnHome is for between 2 and 7 years, but if there's a change of plans, you can also move out anytime and it won’t impact your credit score.
How does
With OwnHome, pricing is simple and straight forward.
At move-in
Initial Payment
To purchase the home, you make a one-time, upfront payment of 3% of your home’s value. 1% of your home’s value goes directly to your security deposit, which you can use to buy back your home at the pre-set price.
For a $1,000,000 home, you’d pay just $30K upfront.
Each fortnight
Rent and Security Deposit
It’s simple to build up your security deposit because it’s built into your payments, meaning it’ll grow overtime. About 35% of your fortnightly payments go towards your security deposit.
For a $1,000,000 home, that’s about $500 per week in contributions to your security deposit.
Who’s a good fit for OwnHome?
If you can get approved for a traditional mortgage today, we say to go for it! But if not, OwnHome might be ideal for you.
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