The ultimate moving house checklist

There is a lot to remember, including changing subscriptions, moving your providers and getting mail redirected to your new address.

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Erin Howell

Buying a new home is a massive achievement, but it can be overwhelming to start packing, moving and unpacking after purchasing a home and getting your first home loan. We get it; it's tough!

There is a lot to remember, including changing subscriptions, moving your providers and getting mail redirected to your new address.

This moving house checklist will help you focus on moving, knowing you haven't missed anything!

Locking in your move date

When you purchase a home, you will know your settlement date and when you can start to move. If you are getting cleaners in or new carpets laid, this can put a hold on your move date, but it is important to lock this in early so you can get ready for the big day!

Here are some tips you should do as soon as you know the date!

  • Lock in Professional Removalists and moving trucks. It is best to pick a moving company with insurance to ensure all your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Understand the process of getting your keys from the real estate agent and when you can do this. Settlements often happen in the afternoon. So some people pick up their keys, clean the place/move some items at night, and schedule their removalist for the next day.
  • Set aside the time to pack and unpack. Packing takes a long time, so it is great to have a plan for what you won't need, so you can start packing straight away. Unpacking is also problematic as you need to find new places for items and get comfortable with your new home.
  • Pre-order supplies you need to box and move your things safely. This includes tape, boxes, labels, fragile items, packing materials, and bubble wrap. Having your packing supplies at hand will ensure a smooth process. You may get a discount if you bulk-buy.

Lead up to move-in day (4 weeks out)

As you are packing in the lead-up to your move-in day, remember these tips and things to do about four weeks out:

  • Moving is a great time to declutter - 'Marie Kondo' your belongings, host a garage sale or donate items to charities. This way, you aren't taking things you don't use to your new home. 
  • Organise a babysitter or family member to help support you if you have kids or pets you may need help with when you move. This will help you to be able to move quickly and not worry about little hands and paws.
  • Check out your new area and move anything you won't have access to anymore. This includes transferring medical records to your new doctor, moving your gym and local memberships and scoping out new places to do your shopping.
  • Plan out how your furniture will look with your new floor plan and label boxes accordingly to make the move day easier. You may have to move away from your current layout to fit into your new place. Preparing for this will help you on move-in day.
  • Organise an end-of-lease or move-out cleaner for your old house. This is essential, especially if you are renting, to ensure you get your bond back.
  • Complete change of address forms for essential documents like; electoral commission, your license and registration, insurance documents, bills and postage. You can also set up a mail redirect with Australia Post.
  • Scouting out your new area will help you feel organised when you move. Check out bin days and rubbish collection rules with your new local council. This is good to know for your move-in week and beyond.
  • Many councils offer a free or low-fee kerb-side pickup for white goods, mattresses or bulky waste. Schedule in your slot.

The week before move in

The week before moving out and moving in can be busy! Get a master list together to keep on top of things.

  • Check with your utility providers that everything is ready to be switched on at your new home. Make sure your utilities overlap, so you have time to move out and move into your new place. You don't want to be without hot water for a few days! Service providers will be able to help you with timelines
  • Keep your essential clothes, items and toiletries out. These are things you will still need right up until you move. They can be packed in a bag and are easy to take, but make sure they aren't at the bottom of a box!
  • Organise any last-minute support from family and friends. Many hands make light work. Thank them later with a drink or dinner at your new home!
  • Check your insurance policies are in order and organised for the move. Make sure your update your contents insurance and get home insurance for your new place!
  • Use up all of the food in your fridge and freezer to minimise waste and things you need to move on your moving day. Perishables are hard to move, so it's best to use as many as possible!
  • Define a labelling system for your things and ensure everyone involved in the move applies it (it'll make unpacking much easier!).
  • Decide how you want to move plants and animals.

Moving Day

The big day is here!

  • On the morning of your move-in day, unplug your fridge to let your freezer defrost and other large appliances like your washing machine to prepare them for removalists.
  • Keep your essential documents in a safe place. Make sure you know where they are so you can refer to them if you need to, and they don't get lost amongst packers and movers.
  • Move your valuables first, or keep them in a location you can keep an eye on. This can help you feel at ease as doors are open on your move-in day and many people are in and out of your space.
  • Keep chargers and important keys and documents nearby. Anything you might need should be in one place and accessible.

This guide should support you in having a stress-free move-in day without the hassle of thinking you have missed something or forgotten something in your old home.

Our last two moving tips are to:

  • Double-check your list and old home on your way out to ensure you haven't left anything behind or left after taps or electrical items.
  • And lastly, enjoy your big day and first night in your new home. Make sure you celebrate the achievement!

Remember to have fun and enjoy the moving process and get ready to make new memories in your new house!

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